The Meth Screen Legacy

The NAMC is still fielding the occasional call regarding the legacy company Meth Screen. While we have investigated this business several times over the last 18 months, we have discovered no evidence of Meth Screen or its previous Director, Mr Ryan Matthews, engaging in any Australian activities. However, the NAMC still receives the occasional inquiry as to the activities of Meth Screen and Mr Matthews.

Mr Matthews sold the business in late 2019 and returned to New Zealand to pursue another business with his sister. Mr Sarajevo, who had previously acquired the firm, realised that the Meth Screen legacy was catastrophic and so chose to close the company. The company’s ASIC listing is set to expire in 2022, and the name was deregistered in 2020.

In 2020 the NAMC reached out to Mr Matthews for a statement regarding his involvement in the Meth testing industry within Australia.

There is no evidence to show that any of the accusations aimed at Mr Matthews, or Meth Screen has any bearing on anyone currently in the meth testing industry within Australia. The NAMC regards activities such as those suspected of Mr Matthews and Meth Screen as inappropriate and perhaps unlawful. Likewise, any company or individual making any unjustified statements regarding companies and individuals within the industry are also objectionable according to NAMC ethics.

Therefore, we request that all operators within the meth testing and decontamination industry refrain from making disparaging comments on competitors, and instead rely on their own skills and service to win work.

If there is evidence of poor practices, miss information, or illegal activities, please present these and, if possible, the NAMC will disseminate the information.

It is only through industry collaboration that we will gain the trust of clients and customers.